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Get Involved

There are a number of ways that you (or your organisation) can become part of the Seedcorn Foundation:




Yes, we need cash to run the programmes in schools.  


We would be delighted to make use of any donation (and gift aid) – but it won’t stop there - we’ll get back in touch with you to let you know where and how it was spent. 


100% of donations from individuals are used to provide education to schools. We will let you know which school we have used your donation in and keep you up to date with what the team in that school have achieved with your help.


If you are an organisation and want to help with the running of the foundation, we can show you how your donations will help keep the wheels turning within the foundation.




You may be able to commit your (or your organisations) time as a CSR (Corporate & Social Responsibility) initiative with a local school or maybe even give up some of your personal time.  


We are always looking for experienced business people to support our schools and we would be delighted to hear from you. 


Equally, if you’re willing to make an introduction, we’d be happy to speak to your organisation and let them know what we do, how we do it to see if they would be interested in supporting us.






You might have surplus things in your life or surplus equipment in your offices – a printer, a projector, spare office or meeting space and would be happy for us to have or use.  


These all help keep our running costs down and we would be delighted to hear from you. 





You may have key business skills or coaching / mentoring experience which you could commit to helping us.  We’re always looking for support, especially if you are in the technology, web design, legal, financial, supply chain or education professions, we’d love to hear from you.


Connection / Community


You may have a unique contact (such as a unique inspirational speaker or business leader) that you could connect us with or be a local business looking to support a local school.  It would be great to connect.


Gifts that keep on giving


Maybe you may be able to make a regular monthly or annual donation of time or money or would be willing to consider support from a trust foundation. 


Gifts for beautiful ideas


We have lots of ideas about how to grow the Seedcorn Foundation, for example making the programme bespoke for special needs or unique gifts.


Maybe you have an enterprise education idea that you can commit time or money to developing.


We’re building a longer table, not a higher wall… we’d be happy to connect, share or collaborate.


Seedcorn Support


Help us to keep every penny of every donation benefiting the children, by helping fund the operation of the charity.  


We’ll be as lean as we are efficient. We’ll let you know how we’re performing so you know your money is going as far as possible.

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