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What we do

Having explained what business is and how businesses are run, we set the students up with an online business.  


This business runs as a social enterprise, which raises money for the school or a charity of their choice.  


Over a number of workshops, the students decide on a product or service to make, market and sell.  


Products can include items such as T-shirts, Hoodies, Phone cases, Backpacks, Umbrellas, even ‘craze’ items such as fidget spinners, each item is personalised, embroidered or printed with the students' own designs or even the school logo.


Services could include the sale of tickets for school events or even the resale of second hand school uniforms.


The students learn about:


  • Production and supply chain

  • Profit and loss

  • Marketing and selling

  • The value of money

  • Taxation


The team assess success and continuously improve their product or service.  


Through this interactive and 'hands-on' approach, the students gain digital literacy and an understanding of internet technology.


Alongside these foundation skills and knowledge, the students will explore core values and 'life-skills', including:




and behaviours such as:

Customer service

Quality and continuous improvement) which will add to their business acumen.  

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